Croll & Denecke Wooden Comb with Ergonomic Handle

Croll & Denecke Wooden Comb with Ergonomic Handle

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Croll & Denecke Wooden Comb with handle.

From the brand:

"Croll & Denecke stands for natural products. Ultimately, the best way to gently comb your hair is with this combs made of natural materials. Natural or wooden combs are also gentle to the hair structure and avoid damage. Available with or without a handle.

This wooden and bamboo comb is perfect for all hair types. Shiny hair, whether long or short, blond, black or red, stands for health and vitality. To keep hair beautiful, it needs the right care. And that includes the right hairbrush or the right comb."

  • wooden comb with handle
  • natural
  • sustainable
  • vegan
  • with ergonomically designed handle
  • plasticfree
  • easy to use
  • packaged with a recyclable card tag and secured with natural twine
  • Size: 18 x 4.3 x 0.5 cm
  • durable, therefore will last for years