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These iPhone chargers from Le Cord are made using recycled fishing nets found floating free in the ocean. 

Known as ‘ghost nets’ these huge clumps of nylon can cause serious damage to sea life and take many years to break down. 

Fishing the nets from the sea and using them to make the braiding on phone chargers is one way Stockholm based Le Cord is making a difference to our plastic crisis. 

They’re very well made and use genuine Apple components, earning the MFi certification. 

Each cable is 2m long and available in a variety of colours. 

Get yours now at Blu Earth Co.

It comes in a well made recycled cardboard box with magnetic closure. 

Available with or without packaging. 

From the brand:

"The world’s only Apple MFI certified charge and sync cable with connector shells made of recycled ocean fishing net plastics."

  • USB A to Lightning

  • 2 meter length / 6.5 feet

  • Connector shells of recycled fishing net plastics

  • Braided recycled textile sleeve

  • MFI certified by Apple

  • Recycled packaging

  • 1 USD from purchase offset to ocean preservation

"Every year 640.000 tonnes of fishing gear are dumped into our oceans. Fishing nets that have been discarded at sea are one of the most harmful form of ocean debris. These so called ”Ghost Nets” continue to catch and kill marine life for up to 600 years before degenerating into micro plastics.

By collecting all types of fishing nets and recycle and reprocess them into new products we can break this viscous loop and help preserve the marine flora and fauna with safe and healthy seas.

The connector shells on this cable are made from regenerated fishing net plastics and braided with textile made of recycled PET (rPET) bottles. The packaging is eco friendly and made by recycled FSC paper and biodegradable compostable plastics."